An Answer to the Holy Father's Jubilee of Mercy

The Maronite Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon

About the Maronite Church

The Maronite Church dates back to the early Christians of Antioch where “they were called Christians for the first time” (Acts 11:26). She still uses as Her liturgical language, Syriac, a dialect of the Aramaic that Jesus Himself spoke, and takes Her name from the priest-hermit, Saint Maron, who died in 410 A.D.
    Within a few years after Saint Maron’s death, over 800 monks adopted his way of life and became known as the 
Maronites. Later, the Muslim invasions (7th -10th century), coupled with conflicts from within the Byzantine Empire, caused the Maronites to flee the plains of Syria and their churches and monasteries to the natural protection of the mountains of Lebanon where they first lived in caves and grottos using the mountains as their stronghold, and then later built small churches and monasteries. 
    St. John Maron is the first patriarch of Antioch to reside in Lebanon, he was elected in 702. For centuries Maronites survived under difficult conditions and persecution.  

    Today Maronites have spread around the world where they seek to “flourish like the cedars of Lebanon.” (Ps. 92:12) while following the example of their predecessors in the faith such as St. Aquilina, St. Sharbel, St. Rafqa, St. Nimatullah, Blessed Estephan, Blessed Jaques Haddad...

The United States is home to two Maronite Eparchies with over eighty (80)  parishes and missions, along with a Seminary, Monasteries, Convents and a Shrine to Our Lady of Lebanon ■

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Through hundreds of parishes, schools, hospitals, agencies and institutions, the Archdiocese proclaims and follows the teachings of Christ that lead to peace, joy and the fullness of life. This local church of almost half a million Catholics, founded as a diocese in 1821, is strong in faith and rich in tradition.

Annunciation Parish

Annunciation Parish is a Catholic Christian faith community that exists to be an inviting and transforming sign of God’s healing, reconciling and empowering presence to the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati.  This vision has guided our efforts in our first one hundred years in the Clifton community, and we renew our commitment to this vision for the next one hundred years.

St. Anthony of Padua Maronite Catholic Church

Founding parishioners came to Cincinnati during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, from the Middle East, fleeing the Ottoman persecutions and World War I. Many families from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Egypt etc.
    In the mid-80s and 90s, the Maronite clergy and community of St. Anthony of Padua helped and assisted in establishing and building the Maronite community of St. Ignatius of Antioch in Dayton, OH.
      In 2010 the parish celebrated its centennial, and was visited by the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Peter Cardinal Rai, in 2016. 
    Today St. Anthony of Padua Maronite Catholic Church is a vibrant community serving hundreds of Maronites and Eastern Catholic faithful in the Metropolitan Cincinnati area, Northern and central Kentucky, Eastern Indiana and beyond.

St. Chavara Syro-Malabar Catholic Mission

The St. Chavara Syro-Malabar Catholic Mission is a congregation of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church serving families in & around Cincinnati, Ohio.  Currently, families from Dayton, Indiana, Kentucky and neighboring areas frequently attend our church mass. With purposeful strides we carry on “In Love and unity for the greater glory of God." We welcome you heartily to have a look at our website and acquaint yourselves with our parish, our activities and our Holy Qurbana, adoration and CCD schedules. In our parish we are one family and that we believe is our strength and motivation. Spreading the loving radiance of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, through the trail blazed by our father in faith.

Saint Ignatius of Antioch Maronite Catholic Church

Saint Ignatius of Antioch Maronite Catholic Church is a congregation of the Maronite Catholic Church serving families in & around Dayton, Ohio. In our parish we are one family and that we believe is our strength and motivation. Spreading the loving radiance of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, through the trail blazed by our father in faith.

St. James Orthodox Church. Loveland

St. James Antiochian Orthodox Church in Loveland Ohio. 
Is A Christian Orthodox Church. 
Under the umbrella of: 
The Self Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. 
Bilingual Divine Liturgy (English/Arabic). 

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